Test and Evaluation

Test and Evaluation

Reliant has extensive capability and past performance demonstration in
Test and Evaluation. Capabilities include test architecture development,
test objectives / requirements development, test resource management,
critical test issues / risks management (identification, mitigation
development, resolution development), test checkout and evaluation, and
test verification and validation. Reliant’s capabilities include both
hardware and software testing and evaluation. Examples of our past
demonstrated performance include:

Test Planning

Proper test planning is a critical function in ensuring the testing to be performed actually accomplishes the objectives. Whether it is hardware or software testing, the test planning process must identify the test objectives and begin to set the parameters required to measure success. Our team has extensive experience in developing test objectives and requirements, and identifying the methods for evaluating whether they have been accomplished.

Developmental Testing

As system design & development progresses from detailed design into hardware or software implementation, integration and testing becomes the focus. Initial testing begins with comprehensive testing at the product level. Reliant Technologies has demonstrated expertise in that type of developmental test process, including parts testing, design verification testing, and qualification testing.

Operational Testing

Following subsystem level developmental testing, as the system under design matures, the test process transitions to system-level testing of the integrated design which gets progressively more difficult and more operationally realistic. Our team has performed as integral contributors during system-level ground and flight testing. That demonstrated performance includes post-test analysis of results, which are then applied back into the test planning process to further define future operational testing.

Test Resource Management

Whether you are performing box-level testing or complicated system-of-systems testing, a key necessary function that must be managed is test resources. Poor management of test resources can result in irreparable harm to test execution and ultimately to the quality of the deliverable product. Identification and management of all the required test participants, test support entities and technologies, and any required tools are essential to a test’s success. Our team has performed this role for various tests, including the development and use of software tools to help in test management & reporting.