Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering

Our team of Systems Engineers has provided support to multiple significant programs including, Future Combat Systems, Force Protection, International Space Station, and Ground Based Mid-Course Defense. Our extensive range of capabilities consists of Architecture Development, Lifecycle Management, Requirements Traceability, and more.

Architecture Development

Reliant Technologies has a team well versed in architecture development capabilities. We utilize industry best practices and standards such as Federal Enterprise and DoDAF architectures to support the design of multiple, significant programs including Ground Based Mid-Course Defense and Bradley Armored Vehicles A3/A4.


Our systems engineering supports our customers’ needs in requirements development, analysis, traceability, and verification. We have extensive experience with requirements databases such as DOORS. Our team regularly participates in high-level briefings and reports ensuring that program requirements are vetted throughout the chain of command.

Lifecycle Management

Reliant Technologies supports programs in developing and completing their lifecycle requirements and design activities to ensure that programs stay on budget and schedule in line with theV-model of the Systems Engineering Process.

Modeling and Simulation

Our engineers support multiple programs by providing analysis based on simulation results developed by common modeling and simulation software packages. Additionally, we have developed multiple tools for modeling, simulation, and analysis allowing us to analyze the impacts of technical changes on system performance.

Trade Studies

Our unique combination of systems engineering experience and software development capability allows us to perform studies and analysis of multiple systems using in house tools. Our interoperability architecture is used to bring the results of multiple simulations into a single environment. We have the capability to examine the sensitivity of system performance to system changes across a wide variety of components.

Interface Development

Reliant Technologies has a large amount of experience in developing interoperability architectures. As such, we have a deep understanding of how data moves across different components of a system. This allows us to develop interfaces between system components leading to a cohesive flow of data throughout the system.