Software Services

Software Services

At Reliant Technologies, we have a team of experts in many facets of software development. Whether it be server-side technologies or web-based user interfaces, our team is prepared to bring actionable insights to our customers’ fingertips with the following capabilities:

  • Server-side data analytics
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Common Operating Picture
  • High Performance Computing

Improving Modern Hardware

The modernization of embedded circuits and sensing capabilities has enabled the United States and our adversaries exceed human capabilities while operating in extreme conditions. The raw capability of this modern hardware has grown to the point where it is often limited by the software controlling it. Given these improvements in processing power and the subsequent innovations in machine learning, future combat systems are increasingly being aided by various forms of artificial intelligence. At Reliant Technologies, we aim to leverage these trends to bridge the gap between hardware and intelligent software. This includes the construction of new embedded circuits to be used with state-of-the art machine learning algorithms and the addition of some variant of artificial intelligence to existing hardware platforms to make them exponentially more capable. Examples of the improvements that can be made to hardware systems include:

  • CCTV Advanced Detection System
  • Acoustic Sensor Early Warning System
  • Network Router Network Intrusion Detection/Prevention
  • E/M Signal Nefarious Intrusions

Data Analytics

Our data analysis methods provide our customers with the information they need to always be a step ahead using methods such as predictive forecasting, anomaly detection, and pattern recognition. Our team of experts utilizes current state-of-the-art techniques in machine learning and statistics to provide actionable insights from our customers’ data.

Common Operating Picture

A massive amount of data is the new normal for many organizations. It is far too simple to get lost in that data, especially if operating in a changing environment. A Common Operating Picture (COP) enables to the user to get a bird’s eye view of what’s going on with all of the data. By leveraging the power of AI, our data analytics can provide actionable insights to your COP, ensuring that you know what’s changing and how it affects you.


In today’s rapidly expanding environments, data rarely originates from a consistent, singular source. We specialize in software capable of piecing together data from disparate sources. From the user’s perspective, the data is perfectly structured, easy to understand, and commonly formatted making future analysis development very reliable.

Improving Existing Hardware

Easily deployed computers such as the Raspberry PI are becoming smaller and faster as technology advances. By deploying advanced software on these types of developing technologies, we can bridge the gap between existing hardware and new, advanced hardware. For example, we can take old CCTVs and turn them into advanced detection systems using state of the art technologies like Machine Learning. Our data science team researches the use of these advanced configurations in addressing our customers’ needs.

System Engineering Analysis

Using the latest libraries from languages such as Matlab, C, Java and Python, our team brings the latest capabilities to Systems Engineering Analysis. Whether it be Radiation Environments, 6DOF, or Finite Element Analysis, our team is prepared to handle a wide variety of technical tasks.

Time Series Modeling

Nearly all of the data produced by sensors has a temporal component to it. Machine learning provides a framework that allows time-series data to be modeled for a variety of tasks such as recognizing heart murmurs in EKG data and predicting component failure based on vibration data coming off of an aircraft. Our toolset allows the use of machine learning for analysis of sensor signals which furthers the ability to intelligently utilize hardware.