Program/Project Management

Providing Critical Program/Project Management Information that Leads to Timely and Accurate Decision-Making Action

Reliant Technologies has over 200 years of relevant program management experience on over 30 government programs which demonstrates we have the knowledge and the ability to work closely with our clients in developing and maintaining meaningful program / project management concepts, tools and processes.

We understand the need to have the structure, processes, and procedures in place to control operations and meet performance objectives. We wholeheartedly believe that there must be metrics in place to evaluate the health and progress of a program allowing us to provide corrective action and risk mitigation strategies to leadership.

Program Schedules & Networks

Reliant Technologies develops and maintains detailed program schedules and networks for numerous, highly-visible programs. Our development methodology includes critical path analysis and resource loading of schedules. Our team has extensive experience in the analysis of critical schedule metrics including Baseline Execution Index (BEI) and Current Execution Index (CEI).

Earned Value Management

Reliant Technologies develops and maintains earned value (EV) management capabilities for several significant programs. Our team of experts performs EV activities including implementing EV methodologies and tracking critical EV metrics such as Schedule Performance Index (SPI) and Cost Performance Index (CPI) for program leadership.

Probabilistic Risk Assessments

Reliant Technologies employs different techniques in conducting schedule and cost probabilistic risk assessments. Our team utilizes risk assessment techniques including regression analysis and scheduling factors. Additionally, our team contains and consults with Subject Matter Experts to provide in-depth knowledge of potential risks.

Project Planning, Strategy and Measurement

Reliant Technologies works closely with clients in the development of program plans and budgets to help ensure there are adequate resources and budgets available to successfully implement and execute program goals and objectives. Our team has extensive experience in program Planning, Programming, Budget, and Execution (PPBE) as well as phasing plan development and execution.

Acquisition Management

Reliant Technologies has extensive experience with clients in the assessment of data, policy, directives, guidance, and instructions in the acquisition process. We are also working with clients in leading programs through the systems engineering acquisition and life cycle review process. Reliant Technologies has played major roles in helping clients successfully guide programs from requirements development to system fielding.

Integrated Baseline Control

Reliant Technologies works closely with clients to ensure authorized work is adequately planned and resourced to accomplish the Performance Measurement Baseline (PMB). Our team is able to assist customers with their planning documentation and responsive change management to ensure that the program maintains the PMB.