Job Location: Huntsville, AL
Employment Type: Full-Time/Exempt
Clearance Level:  As Required by Contract
Job Description:  Candidate with 20 Years applicable (15 Years in direct Aerospace/Research and Development). 
Senior program analyst that independently develops, monitors, and analyzes program/project status daily. Supports the program/project management office in terms of data management and analysis in all areas of project control, business management, and risk analysis (for cost & schedule risks) to include performance measures and improvements. Supports the program/project office in the program, planning, budget, and execution process. Extensive involvement in performance problem-solving. Performs complex evaluations of existing procedures, processes, techniques, models, and/or systems related to management problems or contractual issues, that will result in a report and recommended solutions. Establishes and maintains cost/schedule baseline, develops work breakdown structures (WBSs) and related dictionaries, determines estimates-at-completion (EAC), and has a complete understanding of related financial policies. Analyzes resource loaded networks (RLNs), implements earned value management (EVM) methodologies, and performs related variance analyses. Maintains a thorough understanding of the schedule critical path and performs related analysis which may require projections, analysis of requirements, and data analysis. Serves as subject matter expert for all aspects of EVM (e.g., WBS, EVM analysis and reporting, and integrated baseline review (IBR) leadership) including establishing and maintaining a performance measurement baseline (PMB), proper administration of management reserve, and meeting all requirements associated with EIA-748 guidelines. May have supervisory and/or senior management support responsibilities.
Job Skills & Qualifications:

  1. Provide support of all program and project PP&C activities to include, but not limited to, program management, cost estimating, EVM, resource management, contract management, scheduling, and risk management. Support the development of requirements for unique integrated reporting for programs and projects that includes technical, cost, schedule, EVM, and risk analysis. Assist with “what-if” scenario analyses and work-around planning. Provide recommendations on alternatives or “make-or-buy” analysis and planning. Participate in program, project, and Center meetings and reviews and prepare presentations as required.
  2. Provide support to the Agency and Centers, including Component Facilities and Technical and Service Support Centers, in the development and maintenance of PP&C policy, standards, and procedures.
  3. Assist program and project management in the development, updating, and execution of project management plans and other required project documentation such as concept of operations, project plans, configuration management plans, safety plans, and risk management plans for current and new business advocacies. Provide recommendations for the development and execution of business plans and strategic plans. Identify and analyze resource commitments and requirements necessary to achieve technical progress and related schedule milestones.
  4. Provide assistance to special NASA teams, as required. In providing this assistance, the Contractor shall determine a program and project’s feasibility for achieving approved cost and schedule; perform cost, technical, and schedule risk and trend analysis; perform verification, assessment, and auditing of selected programmatic data; and provide written executive summaries, long and short-range forecasts, technical impacts, and corrective actions plans.
  5. Develop and maintain strong relationships with senior managers and key stakeholders to provide expert resource advice, and ensure cost, schedule and risk postures represent an integrated element assessment.
  6. Assist PP&C leadership by providing expert analysis, recommendations, and innovative solutions to complex problems.
  7. Demonstrate a working knowledge of different contracting mechanism (i.e. FFP, CPAF, CPIF), and a natural acumen for how they drive performance.
  8. Provide technical resources management for efforts ranging from budgetary and workforce analysis and tracking for program and project execution.
  9. Provide PP&C formulation and integration support to NASA’s annual and Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) process.
  10. Review financial and labor reports for discrepancies and perform analysis on under- and over-runs on charges versus plan. Develop project monthly financial data and integrated reports and track budget to improve cost control to adhere to program and project budgets and resolve discrepancies.
  11. Provide support for the development and maintenance of the program and project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), WBS Dictionary, detailed project schedule, cost estimates based on data collected from the project team, and historical data.
  12. Provide analysis of integrated cost and schedule data, Joint Confidence Level (JCL) analyses (i.e., cost and schedule), and other general business management functions.
  13. Develop management reports of performance metrics including baseline comparisons, schedule trends, and resource usage and projections, and track performance against the defined objectives.
  14. Notify program and project management of conflicts between requirements and resource availability within the program or project.
  15. Participate in program and project teleconferences and onsite meetings, generate minutes to include key discussion points and action items, and track action items and follow-up with status to ensure effective resolutions.
  16. Work in conjunction with the Contracting Officer Representative (COR) and Contracting Officer (CO) to provide PP&C support including but not limited to funding requirements, analysis of the 533, and recommendations on invoice processing. Provide data to support Performance Evaluation Board (PEB) and Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS).
  17. Assist in the implementation and adoption of Center tools across the projects, including the transfer of existing and developmental schedules and milestones in the target system software.
  18. Occasional travel to contractor facilities and other sites as required to support SLS mission requirements
    Education Requirement:  BS/BBA

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